And One Day

I remember the day an older mother with teen girls told me that, one day, I’d sit with my girls and we could all watch a movie together and eat popcorn. I couldn’t believe it. As I wrangled my toddlers and felt completely exhausted, I couldn’t imagine a day when I’d enjoy a movie that we all loved together. I know this is a strange memory, but I keep in tucked away because it felt so hopeful. One day, the exhaustion would ease. One day, I’d enjoy this a little more. One day, I’d take a seat and enjoy popcorn. 

The popcorn and movie image felt like a great milestone when it actually happened when both girls were in late elementary school.

I thought of that mother yesterday–now five years after my movie and popcorn milestone– when my daughter shoved me out of the kitchen because she wanted to make the entire dinner for the family. “Go take a bath. Go read. I’ll call you when it’s ready.”

Can you believe it? As you hustle around today with your own children, think of the day of movies and popcorn. Think that one day, you’ll be served dinner by this very child that you’ve been cleaning up after and feeding for years. Of course, those days seem precious and like treasured memories now. But I must admit: I enjoyed a quiet afternoon of listening to my daughter make dinner.

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