Slow Change

It’s discouraging to lose weight when you  age because it’s a slow change. It’s a pound a week–maybe

It’s discouraging to enter the teenage years with children when you say the same things over and over again. It’s a slow change for them to grow into independence and to gain more and more responsibility. 
It’s discouraging to manage your mental health every day and choose to find the beautiful and joyful thing. It’s a slow change.
But! But! It is a change! One day, you wake up and find that you’re at your health goal. You come home and find children growing into great young women. And, five years into your Live with Flair project, you realize you have no idea what to blog about anymore because what was once one moment in a day has changed into a thousand deeply joyful moments. The whole day is flair. There’s no fight; the joy has won. 
It was a slow change, but this is the enduring kind.
We stay the course. We run this next mile. Soon, we’ll see the finish line. 
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  1. “The whole day is flair. There's no fight; the joy has won.” YES! I love this so much! You should know that your personal victory also has helped many others enact small change and live with flair in their own lives, Heather.