Sledding in My Pearls

Our Saucer Sled

It’s late afternoon, and I’m all fixed up for a night out.  I even have my pearls on. 

My youngest daughter stands by the door and says, “Mom, can we go sledding real quick?  Real quick?”  She’s already pulling on her snow pants, and as I look out the window towards the sledding hill, something comes over me.  I realize I must do this; I must take a minute and live with flair.  So many moments of pure joy have come from spontaneous, ridiculous activity.  I have to go sledding. 

Of course this makes no sense at all. 

I pull on Grandpa’s huge snowsuit (that fits over my outfit without messing it up), grab my husband’s jacket and gloves, yank on some boots, and I’m out the door. 

Sledding in Pearls

We sled down the hill in a bright blue saucer.  I sit down first, and she plops down right on top of me.  We push off, holding on to each other for dear life. 

I’m actually late for our evening plans.  As the woman who is always ten minutes early to everything, I’m amazed with the joy I feel being late for something.  I apologize to the other couples and point to the sledding hill.  As I strip off my snow gear, I tell everyone not to worry.  I’m ready to go.  See?  I even have my pearls on. 

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0 Responses

  1. Flair, yes! And you and your daughter have a precious memory to share.

    I wish I had someplace to sled these days, and that I worried a little less about breaking bones that are starting to thin . . . Sled while you can!

  2. That was a perfect flair moment. As a mom, you'd have to give up a lot of times like that. Not everybody has the “time” to make the sacrifices