Sending Your Voice Into the World

On the walk home from school, an extraordinary sight greets us.  A beautiful hot air balloon hovers in the morning sky.  (My husband’s phone snapped this photo, but you can’t tell how vibrant the balloon is.  Just imagine!)

I race into the middle of the street, spread my arms wide, and wave at them.  I’m jumping in the air, and I’m calling out, “Hello up there!  Hello up there!”  I realize I’m a colossal embarrassment. I realize this doesn’t make any sense.

Someone on the ground says, “They won’t be able to hear you.”

But still, I shout and wave.  Then, I hear an answer.

“Hello!”  They hear me!  They answer.  They wave and call down from inside the basket.  I see a tiny arm waving to me.  I hear the voice and smile.   Our voices travel across this huge distance.   

All morning, I realize how ridiculous of a notion it was to raise my voice and expect an answer.  But my voice was heard, and an answer did come.

You just never know how far your voice will travel.  You never know who might hear–from no matter how far away or in whatever unusual circumstance–the thing you have to say.

Living with flair means you go ahead and send your voice out into the world.  You have no idea who can hear it and answer you. 

Journal:  Go ahead and say what you want to say today. 

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  1. that made me think of two things. First, sometimes prayer feels like that . . . I think “God is so far away, he can't hear me, so why bother calling out to Him for help?” But, then when I do call out to God (and I don't even have to raise my voice that loudly) he hears and answers in ways that constantly amaze me!

    Secondly, I was reminded of the fact that we often have no idea how the things we do or say (or post on Facebook) help and encourage other people who happen to hear or read our voices. It makes me want to try harder to reach out and thank those people who “sent their voice out into the world” so that I could hear it and be encouraged.

  2. Your voice sure travels to Germany – and inspires me here nearly every day. Thank you so much for the way you see the world and the words you find to describe it!