Sending Them Off

It’s that time of year when parents send their children off to college. Even though it’s my third time dropping off my oldest to college, I still feel the same sadness when I return home. Since I’m about to start reading the book of Exodus, I kept thinking of Moses’ mother sending her own child off down the river. Technically, she put Moses by the reeds near the river bank, but I’ve always loved the picture of Moses floating peacefully down the river while his sister and mother look on.

I didn’t think about Moses, the sister, or the mother this time. I thought about Pharaoh’s daughter who has compassion on Moses, takes care of him, and becomes another mother to Moses. I found myself praying a highly unusual prayer as I said good-bye to my daughter. I prayed that God would send many “Pharaoh’s daughters” to find her, love her, and care for her while I’m not with her. Over and over again, I asked for God to send someone like this.

I realized throughout my life how God has sent older women to find me, have compassion on me, and help me grow. I formed a collection of mother figures and mentors who God sent to draw me out of deep and rushing waters of sin, bad decisions, or unwise behaviors. I remembered all those women and thought of my daughter.

Then I remembered that another mother might be praying this prayer for her child, and I might become the one that finds her child, has compassion, and helps this child grow while the mother is far away.

Send a “Pharaoh’s daughter” was a comforting prayer for me this week and a challenge that I just might that person, too.

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