Moment By Moment

It’s wonderful to do hard things—things that perhaps make you afraid or anxious. Every time I do something difficult, I feel so much more confident and proud of myself, thankful to God, and happy that I did it.

Today I navigated Pittsburgh, found parking, and managed to move my daughter into her junior year of college. Ash traveled separately in a U-Haul. Normally, I don’t like driving because it hurts my knee, and I don’t enjoy the city traffic. But I discovered the joy of a more modern cruise control system that practically drive the car for me. And I took my time parallel parking on the left side of a one-way street. It was perfectly maneuvered! Moment by moment, I survived the stress of city driving. Sure, this is a small thing compared to larger forms of suffering, but tiny victories over anxiety must be counted. I’m also counting the fact that Ash also parallel-parked the U-Haul! That was a challenge!

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