Scheduling Nothing

Here’s the Big Thing at after school pick up: the children huddle and negotiate who plays where and when.   After school scheduling feels like I’m on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange; I’m signaling certain parents, tapping my foot, swinging my purse around, and checking my texts. 

It’s stressful.

Today, I decide to opt out of the game.  I need a break from after school chaos.  I warn the girls as soon as they exit the school, and I usher them down the sidewalk before tears ensue. No playdates?  How will we survive?

Oh, we survive.  We finish our homework for the week, have a fun snack that involves sprinkles, decide in peace how two sisters four years apart will both play in the living room, and then do nothing.    At one point, the youngest reminds me that we need to check on the daffodils.

Later, we decide to go look for robins in the field. This feels like a perfect day!  Didn’t I learn this lesson last year when I scheduled deliberate boredom for my child? 

I turn to my daughter and ask her what she thinks about this “Scheduling Nothing” day.  She says, “Mom, it’s cool because I get to talk to you about things.”

I gotta run.  My oldest has things she needs to talk about.  And I’ve got a whole afternoon to do it.

Journal:  When can I schedule nothing this week?

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  1. Sound like a good plan, even if we are having some hours just to ourself. Perhaps we should put 'Nothing' in our diary once in a while!

  2. I'm still working on homework at 8:50 at night. I could have used a day like yours 🙂 Perhaps I can get a leg up this week and take a do nothing day on the weekend. I'd love some time to putter around the house and go for a nice, long walk.