Remotely Controlled

Today at the park, I see a remote-controlled airplane turn loops and dives against the blue sky.  The plane arches up high above us and then engages in a spiraling nose dive.  Next, a barrel roll.  Now a smooth glide across the landscape.

Just when the plane achieves that peaceful flight, it spins again, flying upside down and nearly crashing into the forest.  Before the collision, the plane turns, flies and flips upward, and begins another chaotic maneuver.

What hand guides this acrobatic display?   Who designed this dance and this danger?  We all gather to watch, holding our breath as the plane dives again.

It’s beautiful because of the danger.

I find the man with the controller perched on the hillside.  I think about the One who guides my life. 

He spins me around, guides me to peace, and takes me on upside down adventures until I finally land.

Does life feel like this sometimes?

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