Reminder: Hydrate in the Winter

The nurse attempts to draw blood for my yearly thyroid test today, and she can’t. She brings in another nurse (the expert who can “draw blood from a rock”) who takes one look at my arm, presses into all my veins, and shakes her head.

“You’re dehydrated,” she reports. “What have you been drinking?”
“Coffee. More coffee. Tea. More tea. More coffee.” 
She sends me home to return to the lab after a day of drinking water. 
In the winter, I want warm beverages that unfortunately also act as diuretics. Because it’s cold, I stay away from cool glasses of water. I forget to carry a water bottle in my mittened hands. 
Today’s reminder: Hydrate in the winter!
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  1. I love to drink hot water in winter. Sometimes I cut a few slices fresh ginger and add them.