Remembering Your Resolutions

This week, my youngest daughter and I recall the New Years Resolution that I wanted to shape our forthcoming days:

  1. Do things that require faith.
  2. Pray more.
  3. Add to the good wherever we are.

We remember this as we make birthday treats for two different neighbors, as we add our burdens to the prayer journal, and as we choose to do things that seem hard or scary because we’re living by faith.

I like ending the day by reflecting on our resolutions. Did we step out in faith? When? How? Did we record in the prayer journal and connect with God in prayer? Did we do something tangibly good for someone in our lives?

I’m off to deliver a birthday present for a neighbor and then make a meal for someone with a new baby (add to the good). Then, I might start a new book proposal (do things that require faith). Finally, I will spend time praying (pray more).

What a fun way to shape our days.

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