Outside When Possible

With the bitter cold and icy streets gone, I think about getting outside whenever I can. Trees, creeks, birds: these nourish in ways we cannot understand.

I love the therapy of sound: the rustling of leaves, the chiming of the creek water over stones, and the call of songbirds. I love the therapy of scent: the wet, dark earth after snowmelt will soon give way to a million blossoms. I stand by a tree to listen and smell.

I’ve loved the coziness of winter and how a stark landscape invites inward living, but I’m now ready to move outward. Later today, I’ll walk around the neighborhood, feel the cool March breeze on my face, greet the outdoor cats, listen to the birds, and touch every tree and bush I pass with a nice greeting: “Hello! I’m back! We’re back! The snow has melted. Hello! There you are! Let’s start growing again.” 


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