Remember Spiritual Battle

I often forget I’m in a battle. I’m in a war, and so are you. But I go about my Christian life, plodding along like I’m on vacation (not engaged in warfare), and then I find myself thrust into confusion or discouragement. I find more examples of calamity and distress. Everywhere I look, I suddenly see disaster. More accidents. More injuries. More sickness. More weariness. And I become so confused as to what’s happening.

But then I remember. I’m in a spiritual battle (Ephesians 6), and I take up the armor of God once again. Stand your ground. Take up your defense. Move onward with the sword of the Spirit (God’s word). Proclaim victory in every space you enter. Replace lies with truth, despair with hope, confusion with clarity, and weariness with fresh energy and zeal.

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