Record Your “Unexpected Joys”

My wise mentor tells me she’s praying for “unexpected joys” on my travels. The phrase sticks to my soul; I’m eagerly anticipating the Lord’s “unexpected joys.” It’s a fun game to play each day of my life. Where did God surprise me with an unexpected joy? It might not arrive as a tangible thing. I might enjoy a fresh experience of God’s presence; I might find myself displaying the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5) against all odds (especially self-control); I might notice how a friend calls and delights my heart. I look for the tangible and material as well: a beautiful sunrise, a special bird, a gift in any form.

It’s an “unexpected joy” because joy shouldn’t necessarily be there. Unexpected means it arrives despite all evidence to the contrary. Maybe we’ll all be in a discouraging situation, and suddenly, something sparks joy.

At night, or even the next morning, I record the “unexpected joys.”

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