If I Could Pick Two

Since most everyone considers New Year’s resolutions today—as they prepare for 2023—I thought about the two essential practices that I would start if I were telling a younger me what to do: I’d commit to daily reading the Bible (and journaling what I learned, prayer requests, and gratitude), and I’d take a daily walk. That’s it. Bible and walking.

I couldn’t live my life without Jesus and growing in my faith through reading the Bible. And the daily walk keeps a body healthy to live a life of service and love to others.

My dear friend brought me my favorite prayer journal. It’s one I wish I had designed myself. I’ve looked everywhere for the journal online, but I cannot find it anywhere. Perhaps it’s out of print! It includes categories I’ve been using in my own journal for years. What I’m thankful for, prayer requests, who I might serve that day, and what I’m excited about. I love organizing my time with the Lord like this every morning on a page of my journal. You can do this as well, even if you make the categories yourself on a blank page.

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