Real Men Vacuum

On Saturday mornings in my household, we all pitch in to clean and reset the house for the next week.  Children dust and organize rooms.  I scrub floors and toilets, fold the laundry, and change all the bedding.

Real Men Vacuum

And my husband vacuums.

Then he takes his smart phone with the Grocery IQ application and does all the coupons and grocery shopping.  He’s so detail-oriented that he can make the house sparkle, and he’s so good with fast math that he saves us a fortune each week by memorizing sales and matching coupons to what’s on sale.

He’s mastered the art of weekly grocery shopping. 

He calls it hunting for our food.  

I’m thankful that my daughters have a father who cleans house and goes to the grocery store.  There’s something profoundly manly about this, and it makes our marriage have flair.  

Journal:  Is there something I’m not doing because I think it doesn’t fit a traditional gender role?  

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  1. My real man cleans the bathrooms–and he calls shopping for groceries “the hunt” also!

  2. To help bring a little balance to Heather's article. I should confess to you that I have been banned from doing laundry. I have a habit of starting a load and then forgetting about it…and forgetting to tell Heather about it. Apparently, I am causing her more work. Oops!