Pull Through

I find myself talking to a woman who has suffered through chronic pain and fatigue for most of her life. She tells me all the ways she’s adapted; mostly, she’s learned to rest well and accept her limitations. This means she doesn’t live the way others live. This means she lives with the acute reality that while others live very productive, fast, and high-capacity lives, she has the energy for maybe two or three good hours a day.

That’s just how it is.

She doesn’t push herself. She listens to her body and swims in a completely different current than all the rest of us. She doesn’t push against the current; she leans back and lets God pull her through.

Sometimes, I think that’s what our bodies are telling us, and we don’t listen. We don’t know how to lean back into the arms of God, rest well, and let Him pull us. We’re too busy pushing through.

Can you rest well this weekend?

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  1. That is the temptation in our fast-paced world. I always try to remember that God encourages us to be still and know that He is God. When women understand their own particular limitations, and we all have some, we are much more able to be what God intended for us to be. And we are happier too.