Protection on the Job

If you’re a writer or someone who sits more than 5 hours a day, let me remind you right now as you’re reading this to position your pelvis and sit tall. Align your head over your spine. Lengthen your spine.

Did you do it? Now do that every day. Imagine you’re sitting with a tail out behind you (not curled in under you). Imagine a string pulling your head up straight to the ceiling.

I visited a highly recommended physical therapist this morning to help with back pain. What a miracle proper stretching, posture, and pelvis positioning can be!

I’m learning to raise my awareness every moment to think about posture. I’m learning to stretch.

Once again, the default state of our lives will tend towards chaos and destruction. It will. We must apply the pressure of awareness to so many situations–spiritual, physical, nutritional, relational, emotional, financial, mental–to keep ahead of deterioration.



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