Nothing Mattered More Than This

I remember a seminary course I took on the Old Testament several summers ago. The professor said the same thing over and over again about what mattered to God’s people. He cried out, “Nothing mattered more than securing the blessing of God.” God’s blessing was everything. God was the source of all life, all goodness, all peace, and and joy. Nothing mattered more in life than knowing you were living under the blessing of God. 

I think about him pacing around the classroom and reminding us how vital God’s blessing was to the Israelites. All of life was about securing this blessing. When I read Psalm 115:14 this morning, I note a special blessing that reminds me of that class: “May the Lord give you increase, you and your children! May you be blessed by the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” 

May you be blessed by the Lord!

It occurs to me how all my attempts to control my life, to make good things happen, or to do this or matter not in this spiritual economy; it’s the Lord’s blessing that matters. Nothing matters more than securing the blessing of God.

But how do we secure it?

Jesus secures this blessing for us. We don’t offer more sacrifices or pray harder or arrange anything. We appeal to Jesus alone. That’s the marvel of the New Testament. It answers the question of how we enter into the blessing so desperately sought. And now we live under this glorious, incomprehensible blessing that matters more than anything else. And Jesus is ultimately this blessing in Himself.

With God’s blessing, everything aligns. Everything makes sense. Everything fills up with peace, joy, purpose.

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