Promise Not to Laugh

I climbed into a giant hamster wheel with my children today.  

Then I put my hands into a tank of fish to let them eat the dead skin off of my fingers. I learn this constitutes a spa treatment in some salons.

It tickled and was very strange indeed. 

Then I went back to the hamster wheel to take funny pictures of my husband. 

We were visiting the City Museum in St. Louis on our way to Colorado.  

I decided (somewhere between the 11-story slide and the airplane you reach by climbing through a wire tunnel) to embrace some whimsy. 

So when my youngest asked me to get into the hamster wheel, I didn’t hesitate.  And when my oldest told me I could get a manicure by fish, I didn’t hesitate. I can honestly say that I accomplished two spontaneous and whimsical feats today.  I remembered learning the “Beat It” moves in my kitchen; this felt like that. 

What a day!  How was yours?

Journal:  When I’m asked to do the next spontaneous and whimsical thing, will I hesitate?

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  1. That looks fun. We have a couple kids museums/activity places about an hour away with things similar to the big hamster wheel. I can't wait until my son is old enough to go.

    Also, the fish thing looks interesting. I want to get the fish pedicure.

  2. Oh, I could use the fish pedicure, too! What a super day in a great city – I live just 2 hrs south of St. Louis; I will now make it a point to visit the City Museum – mostly I hear of Grant's Farm, the Botanical Gardens, etc. Have a wonderful time in CO – take the time to smell – when you are on the prairie or in the mountains, the smell is wonderful and so not city :).
    My day? Chronic side effects of long term illness popped up yesterday and have yet to subside but I recycled what I could and wrote some blogs. More the same – I need to see the flair in not feeling well :(.

  3. I've heard of those fish manicure/pedicures, but don't think I could try one!

    We had a wonderful day – my son's 31st birthday; the three of us went sailing on a tall ship, the Kalmar Nyckel. Made lots of memories!

  4. You make me laugh! Not just the thought of you in the hamster wheel, or the fishy manicure, but of you doing the moves to “Beat It” in your kitchen! 🙂 After a long tough day, it's nice to laugh, thank you!