Prep Work

Sometime over the weekend, usually on Sunday, we’ve been in a routine of making pasta salad for school lunches for the week and popping popcorn for lunchbox snacks.

It feels so good–so orderly and prepared–to open a refrigerator full of prepped lunches or see the neat pile of bagged popcorn ready for the lunchbox.

I love the time of preparation for the week. Sunday might include a final load of laundry folded for school clothes, the shopping and menu plan finished for the week, the supplies for any projects purchased, or even the prayer journal filled with concerns as we head into Monday.

There’s the physical preparation, yes, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual work of getting ready for Monday. This might mean a long afternoon walk in the brisk autumn air or a time of resting quietly with a book.

Whatever preparation we might make, we ready ourselves for Monday.


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