Places Within Places

I’m reading a line in Jamie Zeppa’s memoir from her time in Bhutan about her love of secret places. As a child, she loved finding hidden places. 

She calls them places within places.

The line shimmers for me. I just can’t stop thinking about it. Maybe it’s because I’m learning how to dwell in the “secret place” of the Most High God. I’m learning about the inner refuge–the place within–of peace and joy. 

Places within places. 

I remember how my children love hiding under the Weeping Cherry. In that secret place, hidden away, they let the arms of that great tree fall around them.

I walk downtown with these little ones, and I remember a child’s love of places within places.

I know about a secret pond that’s tucked away right behind a building on campus.   

“You won’t believe it!” I tell my daughters.  “Just wait!”  We round a tall building, and there we find a little pond that I could cross in just five steps if I wanted. 

We find newly hatched goslings, great turtles the size of dinner plates, and beautiful ducks. 

We had to go deep within the campus, behind the structures, into the unseen.  Places within places. No matter where I am, there’s a place within this place full of wonder. 

I don’t know why, but I just love duck feet.  And I wanted to hold those little goslings so badly!  Have you found a secret place within a place recently? 

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  1. I'm so happy you found the pond, our favorite place on campus!   We spend hours here in the summer.  Picnic lunches are especially nice.