Overflowing: Now Two

Our winterberry bush now overflows with nests. Not one. Oh, no. TWO!

The sparrow nest warmed my heart and brought enough joy for the season. I prayed for this nest; I always ask God to help me find at least one nest to watch and worry over for the season.

But this morning, I see a robin chose to lodge in the winterberry bush on the other side. I watch the robin’s search for the twine and twigs I’ve scattered, and soon, a full nest takes shape.

Two nests in the same bush? Never before have I had this blessing. And strangely, the birds peacefully coexist. There’s no squawking or rustling with irritation. It’s almost as if the mother sparrow has welcomed the presence of this large robin on that big, muddy robin nest. I’ve somehow managed to invite this duplex living in my backyard. (I’d choose the same bush; after all, it’s near the birdbath and a steady supply of birdseed!)

But here’s the beauty of it: I asked for one nest, and God brought two. And I remember how God regularly gives more than we ask for and more than we even need out of the abundance of His love. Of course, I had to learn to wait and watch and to prepare for the possibility of blessing with my scraps of twine (just as I send out scraps of words).

I’m learning that just when I think God is done with His goodness in my life, there’s always more.

There’s always more to Him. There’s always something He’s building, something He’s incubating, and something He’s doing in our lives that will one day hatch and fly. 

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