One Little Line

Do you remember the friend who came to my aid when I was stranded at the Charlotte airport? Well, she talked to me about this “One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book” journal and how much she loved it. She’s been filling out these one line a day journals for years and years. She absolutely loves this practice.

She brought me this journal on Mother’s Day, and I’ve been recording my one line every day. The idea is that you’ll write your sentence or two about each day for the whole year. Then, the next year, you write your sentence for year two right below year one. And so on. When you fill up the journal in five years, each page is a little record of precious memories of the past five years on that day.

I find myself loving the practice of recording just one or two things I want to remember about the day. Of course, I have this record on my blog right here, going all the way back to March 2010, but it’s powerful to simply record one line about one day. I decided to record ordinary things I’d want to remember. Today I wrote down that Kate made cinnamon roles for Sarah and that we walked for an hour at Tudek park. I watered the garden and love my miniature pumpkin patch.

My friend tells me it will pay off in a few years. I’ll marvel over little memories of God’s faithfulness day by day. I love how simple it feels. Perhaps, if you don’t keep a record of little daily joys, you could start with one line a day.

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