A Moment I’ll Always Remember

It’s such a delight to see this excerpt of This Seat’s Saved on Ann Voskamp’s lovely blog today.

The first young reader who finished the book lives in my neighborhood. This past week, she ran up to me when I walked by her house and said, “Mrs. Holleman! I loved your book! I finished it in 12 hours!” My daughter asked, “What was your favorite part?”

She immediately said, “When Mrs. Burgley tells Elita she is already at the best table with Jesus.” This is the part you’ll see on Ann’s blog.

I didn’t expect the joy that would fill my heart to see a little girl love to read this book. And I loved how thoughtful she was about it. I asked her a hard question: “Do you think Margo intends to hurt Elita when she becomes popular?”

The girl looked up and turned her face away and went deep into thought! She said, “Probably not. I don’t think so.” I imagined all the other young readers, deep in thought, about this book.

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