October in the Psalms: God Inclines

Psalm 40 feels like balm to the soul on hard days. If you read it (and consider memorizing it), you’ll find some marvelous things about God. The very first verse positions David waiting patiently on God. And then? We hear “[God] inclined to me and heard my cry.” God inclines; it’s a verb inviting us to see God as stretching out to us, bending low to us, and coming to meet us. We cry out, God is there, inclining.

If you circle all God does for us in Psalm 40, we find Him drawing us up from the pit, setting us on solid ground, making our way firm, giving us a song to sing in our hearts, helping us, and delivering us. This writing inoculates us against creeping despair. We know God is coming to meet us.

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