October in the Psalms: God Delights in Our Well-Being

I loved the day I discovered Psalm 35:27a: “Great is the Lord, who delights in the well-being of his servant.” As I studied this verse in different translations, I could hardly believe it: God delights in keeping us at peace, content, and prosperous. It pleases Him. He wants to make us whole and right. Had I considered this about God before? Had I realized how much God wants me to be at peace? In fact, it’s in His very nature to work for our well-being. He is not against us, but for us. I began to see the circumstances of my life that God allowed—whether joyful or painful—as pathways to my eventual well-being. God, who delights in our well-being, always works lovingly on our behalf. This is a God I wanted more and more.

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