My Two Favorite Games to Play with Young Children

My two favorite games to play with my children are Memory and Jenga. During the holidays, it relaxes us all to just sit and play games. After all the doing and going, I love sitting down in the living room–amid all the holiday decorations and smells of pine and baking things–and play games.

I used to detest game playing. I wanted to go be productive. But now, I just love laughing and relaxing to these two games in particular. I love how everybody shrieks when the Jenga tower topples, and I love how I always lose Memory because I don’t pay attention! 

I’m learning.


Do you have favorite games to play with young children?

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  1. I always have fun playing Dutch Blitz and 5 crowns with the 10 (almost 11!!!) year old my family babysits. We usually get a good Guess Who game in with his 6 year old sister too! 😀

  2. Uno Attack and Settlers of Catan are favorite here…I love Skipbo and Guess Who…and my hubby has taught the kids how to play blackjack using marshmallows or choc chips as currency.