My Solution to Not Wanting to Exercise

This morning, my new friend walks me to the gym (it takes us 25 minutes).  Then, she pushes the elliptical machine time so that we exercise for 30 minutes.  Then, she drags me up the stairs to do arm weights (she shows me how).  Then, just when I’m about to suggest that we stop and get very fattening and delicious coffee drinks, she says, “Now we do push-ups.” 

Then we walk home for another 25 minutes.  

It feels like five minutes because I’m with my new friend. We talk about everything. 

She’s getting me out of bed tomorrow. 

Living with flair means if you don’t want to do something, you find an enthusiastic friend to do it with you.  Enthusiastic friends make everything better.  Even exercise.  I’ll report my fitness achievements at the end of the summer!

Journal:  What enthusiastic contribution can I make to a friend’s life?  What would my friends say I’m enthusiastic about? 

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