My Plumcot Orchard is Coming Along

I really have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s official: I’m building my plum, apricot, and plumcot orchard. My little plumcot tree I grew from seed and planted last spring did indeed survive the winter. I pruned it yesterday, and here it is! The two different kinds of plum trees (I also grew these from seed) will go into the garden next month. In 2-4 years, I’ll see real fruit!


It’s fun to say “I’m working on my plum orchard.” It’s like something a character in a novel would say. It’s also fun to consider living a life of long-term investment. It’s good for the soul to wait a few years to reap the rewards of your work.

I’m excited to see if this tree will blossom. I’m excited to see if my orchard of three plum trees will become something grand and expansive. Someday soon, I’ll sit under the shade of the trees I planted myself.

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