In Search of Nests

I love finding bird nests in the springtime. It makes walking every day that much more fun. While I don’t think it’s a good idea to disturb a nest or bother the mother bird, if I come upon a nest that’s easy to view (and if there’s no bird in sight), I can snap a photo of beautiful eggs. There’s something so stunning and enchanting about eggs in their cozy little nests.

I loved this article from the Pittsburgh Gazette about searching for bird nests.

We read this:

[When] a bird chooses to nest near you, then it will easily tolerate your normal activities. You won’t need to stop using your porch just because the robin has built a nest under the eaves or the Carolina wren has made its nest in your flower basket. Those birds have been watching you the whole time, they know your routines, and they don’t consider you to be a potential predator.

A fun way to attract birds at this time of year is with a supply of nesting material, such as pet hair or five- or six-inch-long strands of string and colored yarn. The strings can simply be hung over a thin branch or even a clothesline; the fur can be placed inside a mesh bag or wire cage like those you may have used in winter to hold suet cakes. Of course, it is always a good idea to put up more bird houses, too.

I’m off to supply some nesting material for the birds!

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