My Kitchen Table and the Snowspeeder

Neighbor boys introduce me to the intricacies of Star Wars.  They spread Legos across my counter top and build V-Wing Starfighters.   I learn the whole story beginning with Qui Gon Jinn and ending with Luke Skywalker.  I’m thrilled that my kitchen now houses the Legos snowspeeder from Episode V (the boys alert me that I must write that as a Roman Numeral to be precise).   

I’ve learned more about boys and Star Wars this last hour than I ever thought a person could.  My daughters haven’t introduced me to this world, and I haven’t been that attentive when my husband attempted to.  I realize something:  Living with flair means learning what other folks care about.  You enter into that world, you ask good questions, and you take a seat at the table and build another Starfighter. 

Journal:  What’s the latest culture you’ve tried to learn about? 

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  1. And giving that kind of attention to a child or young person is pure gold, Heather.

    I'm always learning new things from my grandson Mason, who is only 4. It weren't for Mason, I'd have no idea how to play wii games.

    My brother-in-law is enamored with Japan. Several times a week he sends me links to videos about Japan that I really care nothing about, but John isn't married, his daughter is grown, so I watch the videos and engage in email conversations with him about Japan.

  2. BTW, Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI are the best; they were the first shown beginning in 1973 – I saw now Episode IV 13 times that summer in the theater; was blown away that we finally had a decent science fantasy story with some solid science fiction backing it up. May the Force always be with you! as you share your flair :).
    oh, and I am a Star Trek fan as well…hope the boys know “the good of the many outweigh the good of the one.” Spock.