My Favorite Writer on Leadership

One of my favorite books on leadership and emotional health is Peter Scazerro’s Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.  I highly recommend adding this book to your summer reading list.

I also love inventory lists, and this morning, I found Scazerro’s list for evaluating the health of your leadership. It’s a great list, and if you click here, you can check out his blog and the list.

In particular, I’m interested in how I respond with greater clarity in the midst of tension. This is an area I’m excited to continue to grow in. When I’m in a very tense relational situation, a mark of differentiated leadership is the ability to think clearly, stay calm, and rise above everyone’s emotions.

I also love his question about “managing triggers” that create stress in your life.


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  1. So interesting that you say this. A few of us are reading that book and the companion books in a group. I'm not loving it at all. I am encouraged to know a good number of people I respect really do like it but I'm just caught up somehow. It feels “plus” to me.