Morphine Taught Me This

I went to the ER to rehydrate and manage the pain of the intestinal virus!

I felt so silly and weak about the whole thing, but I had a fever of 103.7 and was more thirsty than I’d ever been in my life. I was folded over in pain the entire night.
Even as they were trying to rehydrate me, I felt like it was foolish to be there.
Then, like golden nectar of the gods, the doctor gave me morphine and sent me home happy, hydrated, and primed to sleep all day. All tests came back fine; it’s just the good old tummy virus.
That morphine felt so good. I didn’t want to be strong anymore.
Then, when church friends brought meals for dinners this week, I realized declining such offers of care are foolish and silly.
We don’t have to be strong. Morphine taught me this today.
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  1. Somehow my comment disappeared, but I had to post again to say GET WELL! So sorry that you're not feeling well, Heather. Get your rest, get refreshed, and let others take good care of you!
    Praying for you!