“Mommy, Today Was a Small Day”

My six year old whimpers beside me, “Mommy, today was a small day.” 

“What made it small?” 

“There were not enough play dates or friends.  This was not a big day.  I need big days.”

Already, I think about what kind of big life this little girl will lead.  She’s challenging me to wake up to big days.  I don’t want to ever have a day that’s too small. 

I’ll never have this day again.  Lord, let it be a big day.

Living with flair means we don’t have small days.  

Journal:  What would make today a big day?  

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  1. I remember when my now 9 year old was smaller and after a quiet day whined that we hadn't 'done anything exciting' that day.

    I saw this as an opportunity to explain that we don't always have to be busy, that we are designed for days of rest, for days of quiet amid the days of busyness. That we need these times of calmness to settle our minds and rest our bodies so we can think more clearly and be prepared to better handle the days that include excitement and hurrying about.

    Since that day and in the years ahead I have tried and will keep trying to 'teach' her this concept through the way I live, by how I take time to rejuvenate my own heart and soul and mind.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!