May You Flourish

Last night, my dear friend uses the verb flourish, and I just can’t get the word out of my mind.  It shimmers.  It resonates with my heart.  Etymologically, the word means to “flower” and also to “brandish” (like a weapon).  When something flourishes, it blossoms, thrives, and prospers.  But to flourish also suggests a strength, a fighting stance, and a powerful position. 

All morning, I consider this word.  Then, I turn to the Psalms, and of course (isn’t it always this way?) I spy a verse of scripture that uses this wonderful word.  I read this: 

May the LORD cause you to flourish,
   both you and your children.
May you be blessed by the LORD,
   the Maker of heaven and earth.

Yes.  I want to flourish–both me and my children, both you and your children, all of us–today.  I entrust myself again to the One who blesses and the One who causes us to flourish.

May you truly flourish today in all of your endeavors!  

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  1. Flourish makes me think of abundance and, with your definitions,  Warrior Pose. Wonderful word – perfect Psalm context.

    I'm in the middle of adopting a dog to a new home; this dog has been with me since 2008. Farrah has flourished – from a physically beaten dog who would only let me pet her head to a foster home where she jumps into the car (miracle!) to go places to now, perhaps, a home of her own with a dog friend and human parents. Farrah left her sad past behind and, given the opportunity and her space, chose to flourish in a new world.

  2. Just had to come back and tell you – I was preparing my Sunday post and looking for a verse to go with a photo of cedar branches and I found the perfect one: Psalm 92:12 (ESV) ” The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.”  =)

  3. Curious, did you see my latest post? A tribute to my friend who recently met Jesus face to face. I titled it “A Flourishing Finish”. I love Phil 1:6 in The Message.  🙂