Make Yourself that Somebody Part Two: Maybe I Should Write It Myself (A Summer Devotional Book for Kids!)

Last night, I’m searching two different stores for little summer devotional books for my children.  I want to take seriously my role in helping them develop spiritually.  I spend so much time fostering their social, intellectual, and physical development, but I don’t often know what to do with their spiritual growth.

I end up blaming other people for not doing a better job helping my children grow in their relationship with God.  If only the church were better!  If only someone would write a great book for my children!  Somebody should really do this for me. 

Remember what happens when I say, “Somebody should really. . .”?  

So I search for resources, and then I start complaining.  This is too cheesy!  This is too boring!  This is too watered-down!  This is poorly written!  This is doctrinally inadequate!  This is outdated!  My girls will never read this!

(I can be so arrogant and picky.  God is working on me.  I know that there are many great devotional books out there, but I want one tailor made for my girls.) 

Somebody should really write a better devotional for my children.  

I’m standing there complaining.  I had just read a parenting book challenging mothers to “parent out of their strengths,” and I wrote in the margin that my main strength in this world is writing.

Suddenly, I hear that Holy Spirit nudge that if I’m so upset about all the spiritual material for young girls, I should write some myself

I should get a glittery, fun 3 ring binder (they could decorate it!) and fill it with pages of devotions I write myself made to suit my children.  I realize that I have things to pass on, and these girls are at that ripe age of development where biblical truth can sink into the soil of their hearts.

I wake up, and I make a list of the 30 things I want them to know.  If we have three devotions a week, these 30 pages will take me through the whole summer with them.  Each little devotion will be less than 300 words (at their reading level) and contain an action point for their lives with a real-world scenario that they’ve faced, are facing, or will face.  Here’s my list.  What would you add that’s essential for a child to know? 

1. What God Thinks About Me
2.  God is on My Side
3.  Every Rejection is God’s Protection
4.  God Gives Me Power to Live
5.  What Real Love Looks Like
6.  What Purity Looks Like
7.  Having a Thankful Heart for the Rest of My Life
8.  Becoming a Royal Servant
9.  I Never Have to Be Afraid
10.  The Smartest Girl in the Room
11. What If I Feel Lonely? God is my Friend
12.  What If I Feel Sad?  God is My Comforter
13. The Things I Hide in My Heart (How to choose the right movies, shows, and internet sites)
14. What If I’m Not Like Everyone Else? 
15. What If I Don’t Feel Beautiful?
16. What If I Mess Up?
17. How Do I Talk to Others About Jesus?
18.  What Is Abundant Life?  It is Fame and Wealth?
19.  How to Be a Friend and Choose a Friend
20.  Discovering Who God Made Me to Be
21.  Looking for Beauty Around Me and Having a Heart of Wonder
22.  Why Should I Read the Bible Every Day?
23.  Does God Answer Prayer?
24.  Does God See Me and Know Me?
25.  How Do I Please God for My Whole Life?
26.  How Do I Make Godly Decisions?
27.  What is Gossip?  How Do I Stop?
28.  Remembering God’s Faithfulness by Journaling
29.  Living an Excellent Life
30.  Worshiping Him 
So here I go!  I’m praying that God helps me write a great summer devotional book.  Interested in a free copy?  Just send me an email, and I send on what I write for FREE!   Would you like to add a devotional to my list for children to read?  Email me your thoughts! 
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  1. The story about your daughter finding “Joy” at school should be included! A beautiful story indeed!

  2. Perhaps you should add something about family and sisterhood.  After all, siblings are your cradle-to-grave companions.

  3. Heather, you have such a gift for titling! Each title holds so much promise that I want to read each and every one of these (even though I'm all grown up). Can you send me a copy?

  4. I agree with Becky and Mom2HandH – I'd love a copy for myself – I'm feeling drawn to read them and I'm a all grown up girl!  Could you send them to me as well?  I promise to pass them onto my sister and nieces when I'm done reading them!  🙂

  5. What a great idea!  What about something pertaining to Psalm 139 – about God knowing us better that we know ourselves?  And about how we are each beautiful and perfect in God's eyes… since so many kids feel like they're not good enough, not pretty enough, etc