Low Expectations While Hopeful

Another thing I’ve learned from living in a pandemic: keep expectations low, but stay hopeful.

With a rapidly changing situation with infections rising, I wonder if interstate travel will stop for a while at least in Pennsylvania. Will this mean no outdoor Thanksgiving with my family in other states? Will this mean no Christmas gatherings at all?

Maybe. And what about teaching for Penn State? What will in-person teaching look like in the Spring 2021 term? Will it exist at all? Who knows. Will my daughter return to college? Will high school even happen? More and more people announce a positive test, and I know we’re seeing an incredible spread of COVID. So now what?

I’m finding myself less attached to plans and outcomes and more attached to the idea that whatever happens, we’ll be OK. The pandemic has built resiliency in us all. We’ll adjust. We’ll persevere. We’ll be OK as we stay safe and keep others safe as well.

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