I’m Still Speaking Virtually (An Update)!

Today I spent some time firming up my contracts for my virtual speaking events for winter 2021. Yes! I’m still booking speaking events all the time. It’s so fun!

One of the unintended blessings of COVID-19 involves virtual speaking events that I might never have had the opportunity to provide. Whether I’m speaking in Canada, in a small town in Mississippi, or for a Seated with Christ book club in Kansas or Iowa, I’ve loved popping in on your computers without having to spend the entire day in airports, on planes, and then in hotel rooms. That’s been my life since 2015. But with some of the virtual events, I’m able to do far more. That has surely been a blessing. In September alone, I completed 19 virtual events–some large and some small.

While I will always prefer face-to-face gatherings and love the special blessing God gives when we gather physically together for fellowship, I see how virtual speaking events allow for more venues, more people, and more connection with less cost.

What does such an event look like? Sometimes, it means a pre-recorded talk with audience notes where I then pop in with discussion questions. Sometimes, it’s a zoom gathering. What I’m most looking forward to in 2021 are the two-day Seated, Guarded, and Sent retreats (one Friday evening talk and two Saturday morning talks). I also love just focusing on Seated and Sent or, for just a Friday evening talk, Seated with Christ. 

Feel free to reach out to me (Facebook, Instagram, Email) if you’d like to hear more or book a virtual event. I have a few spots left. And as soon as the COVID-19 surge passes, I’ll be thrilled to see you in person. Thank you for reading this update!

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