Lost on the Way

Today we walk to school with a little boy who has never seen the snow. He moved this year from Texas, and today is his very first day seeing, tasting, and touching snow.

Seeing the morning snow through his eyes fills us with wonder again. It’s amazing to think about: fluffy flakes of white fall from the sky and cover the ground. You can eat it, roll around in it, shape it into balls, and slide across it.

We experience it again through him, and what seemed like a cold, dreary morning now becomes magical.

If fact, at one point, we lose him on the walk to school because he’s playing in the snow. 

Living with flair certainly means recalling our joy and wonder. Maybe we’ll get lost on the way today because we’re too busy delighting in the snow.  

Do you need to experience something through new eyes today?

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  1. hmmmm….we are anxiously awaiting our first real snowfall here in southern MN! We had a very dry summer and fear it might mean an equally dry winter.

    What do I need to see through new eyes? what do I need to recall with joy and wonder? Christmas. The past couple years have been been disappointing – not because I had set too high of expectations, but rather I think because I had no expectations at all. I was going through the motions, and doing what I felt I needed to do and not what I wanted to do…