Look Around: There’s Always Something

We notice so many blue jays on our cold walks. Why are they here? What are they doing? Why are they so active right now? I learn that blue jays are strange, strange birds. Nobody knows quite why they do what they do. Sometimes they migrate; other times they stay right where they are if the food source suits them. I spy them eating the berries of my winterberry, the acorns on the ground, and any seed they can find.

And they’re loud. 

I will keep watching all these blue jays and learn more about them. I have learned they warn others when the hawk circles overhead. That’s a good thing. I also learn they like to be together. We’ll walk past the bare brown trees that seem ornamented with blue and white: the blue jays have gathered to feast in that tree.

In every season, there’s something to observe and something new to learn.

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