All Must Go Right

This morning, I read Hannah Whitall Smith’s words of great encouragement:

Wherever the Lord is, all must go right for His children; His presence is enough. 

She explains how God’s presence assures of us comfort, rest, and deliverance, and if we could truly understand this, a wellspring of joy would be opened up in our religious lives that would drive out every vestige of discomfort and distress.”  There’s a pathway to this wellspring of joy. I’m also reading Dallas Willard’s Renovation of the Heart–something my counselor recommended 20 years ago that I could hardly grasp intellectually or spiritually at the time. What a joy to reread it now! Willard heartily argues for the pathway to “soul rest” and joy through spiritual formation; we get there by inviting Christ to form His own resurrected life within us. I highly recommend this book as it’s teaching me how to continually “nourish” myself in Christ’s presence moment by moment.

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