Living Room Before and After (My Attempt at Decorating)

It’s never a good time to paint your living room.  

But we decide to refresh the living room–give it a little lift (my neighbor’s words)–before the school year starts.  For a year, I’ve been thinking:  blue, blue, blue. 


And after:

I love it!  You take a risk with painting a room.  You say to yourself, “What are we doing!?” And later, “What did we do?”  But creativity insists that you dive in.  Something about this blue cheers and warms me, so I trusted that instinct (and I have a husband who loves adventure, painting, and blue striped curtains that happen to be on sale).  

Living with flair means you attempt creativity in the spaces where you live.  You find what cheers and warms and you just do it

Journal:  What space needs a little refresher today? 

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