Little Outings

I love little outings–those small, inexpensive trips you can enjoy each day. Little outings saved me during those long, seemingly endless days of motherhood with toddlers. Little outings helped me survive the dark Michigan winters. Little outings bring great pleasure when God calls you to live in a small, semi-rural community. Little outings!

Instead of vacations or expensive, gas-guzzling trips, think about little outings. New parks, new hikes, the coffee shop in the next town that brings in the biscotti from Pittsburgh, the movie theatre down the street with free popcorn on Tuesday nights, the arboretum currently housing all the ducklings and the gardenia, the pine tree forest perfect for picnicking, the library, the cidery up the hill. Even if it’s simple and only takes an hour, the outing can refresh the family and help organize the day.

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