Evolving (and a Behind the Scenes Look at Publishing)

Yesterday I met with the wonderful website designer from Moody Publishers who will help me revamp my website when my next book (The Six Conversations) launches in the fall. I love that Live with Flair evolved into something new in 2015 when I wrote Seated with Christ. At that time, I moved from blogspot.com to wordpress.com. Now, I’ll move on to something else the designer chooses. Some of you reading now have been with me from the very, very beginning. Thank you!

Now? My website can evolve into something more practical for people wanting quick links to podcasts or radio interviews, the blog, perhaps a weekly or monthly newsletter, and my latest news. It’s time to evolve! I’m ready! It feels right!

Of course, I get nervous about the “lifestyle and branding” photoshoot the publisher wants. My lifestyle? Gardening. Cats. Loafers. Walking. I fear the lifestyle and branding photoshoot won’t be quite as inspirational as people might want. You can at least expect some fresh photos, a cleaner look, and updated content in the fall.

Stagnant living harms the soul. It’s time for some fresh flowing ideas.

And while we’re talking about some behind-the-scenes stuff from the publishing world, I’ll let you know about the buzz of activity surrounding a book launch. If a book comes out to the world in the fall, a great publishing company like Moody will assign you a publicist who handles your “press kit” for radio interviews a few months beforehand (so now!). The publicist meets with you to design a marketing plan for the media side of things. This person works alongside your marketing manager who handles social media, print, and other ways to market your book. It’s fun to then join with a creative team after writing in isolation for a year. I love this part of writing a book!

In the meantime, things like photoshoots, website design, and conversations about what the back cover will look like happen this month. And next week, I send out email reminders to people I’ve asked to endorse the book. Finding endorsements isn’t my favorite part of writing books, but it must be done.

How do I stay focused on the craft of writing without getting caught up in the business of writing? Well, I’m working on the next project–the middle grade novel. Meanwhile, I stay close to the Lord, stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and stay around godly people who help me keep focused on my calling without getting too caught up in branding or photoshoots!



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