Like Myself

Today my youngest tells me why she likes a certain friend. She says, “I just feel like myself when I’m with her.”

Yes, that’s good. That’s so very good.

I recall the times I’ve used the phrase, “I just feel like myself.”

I said it after I met my husband.

I said it after I taught a college class for the first time.

I said it after I started blogging and writing novels.

Maybe one of the ways I’m directed into life-giving relationships and activities is that they just feel like me. And if they don’t, maybe that’s a sign to move on to those things that make me feel like myself.

Are you with people and doing things that make you feel most like yourself?

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0 Responses

  1. Just recently I started thinking about who I feel most myself with and now am trying to spend more time with those people, not the sometimes toxic ones who drain my energy. I like the idea that in either case it's a sign!

  2. I'm most myself when riding horses, training/being with my dogs, reading, and writing…mostly in silence or with quiet music in the background. To help me clean and still feel like ME, I blast the 1812 Overture or some TSO :).