Let the Autumn Crafts Begin: #1 Painting Acorns


We gather all the old nail polish and our bowl of gathered acorns. We have the best afternoon just painting them! We even share the craft time with some friends.

We’ll scatter beautiful little acorns on a side table or place them in a decorative bowl for our autumn decorations. We love sitting down amid the rush of homework and football games and work and cooking to just paint little acorns.

It’s so sweet and peaceful.

Next, we’re going to try “Twine Hanging Lanterns” using all beautiful autumn colors like burnt orange, burgundy, and gold. In a few weeks when the leaves change colors, my daughters want to make “Autumn Leaf Bowls.” I will share pictures and instructions!

Are you laughing or so curious about these new crafts with teenagers? I am too! I thought my crafting days were over. I had finally cleaned my kitchen from years of glitter and glue and sprinkles. Aren’t we too old for crafts?


And it’s more fun with these older daughters:  they’re sitting with you, listening to music, chatting all about the day’s events, and just being there. Try it! Pour a fresh cup of coffee, listen to their music with them, and invite them to paint acorns.

For this mom who hated crafts and was never any good at creative projects, I’m so thankful I never gave up on letting children make things at the kitchen table with me.

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