In Step

This morning I’m driving on a little two-lane road that’s a 25 MPH zone. A police officer drives up right beside me. I immediately slow down from 30 MPH to the legal limit. We’re keeping pace exactly with each other. I know I can’t drive faster or slower than him; I don’t want a ticket! I don’t want any trouble.

But it’s so hard–surprisingly hard–to match that legal speed limit. Driving 25 MPH feels so slow. There we are, driving together head to head, at the legal and good limit. This is where I confess I have a tendency to drive over the speed limit. I’m learning! Oh, I’m learning!

This police office situation seems to goes on forever. And I’m getting annoyed at how hard it is to not drive faster than him.

I remember the verse in Galatians and “keeping in step” with the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5). I never thought of what it takes to look so intently to match someone else’s pace. It takes all my attention. I’m resisting so many impulses to drive on ahead at least at 30 MPH to get home and enjoy this drive.

Attention, resistance. Attention, resistance. I consider the active process of staying aligned with the Holy Spirit. I don’t run ahead into my own plans and dreams, and I don’t lag behind either.

I keep in step.

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