Let Me Reassure You

When I coach writers formally or talk to anyone trying to start or finish a book project, they inevitably lament all the lost writing time from the summer.

They had planned to write! They imagined long summer days of writing, reflection, and oodles of creativity. They thought that surely by August, they’d have finished their proposal, chapter, article, or book.

But they haven’t. They didn’t work hardly at all. And now the summer is gone.

I’ll tell you what I tell them. Do not worry! I don’t know many writers who work well in the summer. Forget about it! For a variety or reasons (family, changing schedules, etc.) most writers never get into a good writing rhythm in summer. And for whatever reason, most writers I know never work at all in the summer.

I’ve written 9 books and am contracted for the 10th, and I never wrote any of them in the summer. My best writing months are actually October and November. I’ve talked to other professional writers who say the same thing. They’ve tried to write in summer, and it doesn’t work.

But October?

Maybe it’s the colder weather. Maybe it’s the coziness of slippers, hot coffee, and a desire to stay indoors. Maybe it’s the fact that an autumn schedule lends itself to writing.

So press on! Forget the past. Don’t ever try to write in the summer again (unless it just happens!). Start your writing schedule next month or the month after. Email me if you need encouragement. I’ll be writing my own book wholeheartedly September-November.

If you’re anything like me and other professional writers, summer isn’t the best time to write. It’s October. Living with flair means you show yourself some grace and start again next month.

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