“Hike your own hike.”

Yesterday I read a post by my friend’s son (credit to the adventurous Nolan Wilson) who just completed a solo-cross-country trip. As he’s talking to fellow hikers, he gleans a powerful piece of wisdom to “hike your own hike.”

Hike your own hike!

The best way to complete a difficult hike in particular is to “hike your own hike.” Nolan discusses how to know what you want to do on the trail and the path and pace you want to follow. It’s your hike, not theirs. Even if you’re traveling with another person, there’s still a way to “hike your own hike.” You can check in with others along the way, but the best way to forge ahead is remember it’s your own journey, your own pace, and your own path. You don’t need to compare your hike, match anyone else, or see what they see.

I love this idea of hiking my own hike today.


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