Less Talking. More Praying.

Last night I attended our church’s Sunday nightprayer service. What a sweet time to stay still and silent before the Lord and pray! Lately, more and more, I’ve wanted to enjoy more times of stillness and silence. Perhaps it’s the nature of getting older. Perhaps it’s a deep burden for people. Perhaps it’s because I sense the Lord moving in new ways in our community here. People are hungry for God and soul-sick. They are full of longing and hopelessness. Now more than ever, they realize the homesickness they have felt all their lives is for their heart’s true home in Jesus.

So I pray for God to reveal Himself to us and that we would find our home in Him. Prayer helps cut through the cultural lies we’re all believing about what makes life abundant. As I was praying last night, I wrote in my journal this statement regarding the longing I see in people and how we chase what we think we want:

If you get all you thought you wanted, but Jesus is not with you, it’s not really what you want. If you get nothing you thought you wanted, but you have Jesus, you have what you really want. 

Do not fear! If you have Jesus, you have everything. And the work of the day is stillness and silence. This will lead to worship and a sense of taking refuge in God. This is the path to peace and joy.

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